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Swix Vistech, High-visibility apperal for training

Swix Vistech, High-visibility apperal for training

The starting point for the collection was the steadily increasing popularity of roller skis, wich has also resulted in a number of accidents involving rolling skiers.  Swix wished to develop a whole concept to enchance the safety of roller skiers who train on roads, where high- visibility apperal was an important element.


The jury´s verdict

BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS. This in an attractive new collection of training gear that will please many people. Swix approaches the key issue of visibility in the dark from a holistic perspective. The reflex has been integrated into the fabric with the helg of good composition and fine lines that emphasise the body´s anatomy. The design is straight to the point and clear with respect to the product´s task. The range feels new and different and has instant appeal. The apparel contributes to peace of mind on the part of the user and meets stringent functional requirements. By making the fluorescent material look trendy, the jury believes that with this collection Swix will reach many more customers beside just roller skiers.